It’s only a little one…

If you get some,
could you share it with me?
Just a little.
I won’t be selfish.
I just need a fix to get me through
this day and then tomorrow.
If I told you that you were pretty
would you hold my hand
and tell me I was pretty too.
I promise,
I’ll never steal your thunder,
but you can steel yourself
from the pain and I’ll still win.
It’s hopeless.
You should know that
in the end the bad guys take away
your will to live.
Don’t feel like you are worth less,
don’t give up.
Just realize there isn’t
any more than this.
I realized
I had left it all behind me
and it helped me for a while.
This emptiness is only temporary.
Someday this mess
will be less messy
and the games we play
will feel like they were never games at all.
And you’ll remember when you gave in.
You’ll remember when you made the choice
to tell me that
you had given up.


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