what happens in vegas: part 2… (aka: Lola and Tina finish their trip)

After our first night out on the town, we decided to get up and spend the day in the pool. We put on a good deal of sunscreen and jumped into the pool hoping that our VERY white skin did not burn. (I’m happy to say that, for the most part, it didn’t.) I know you are probably extremely jealous of us relaxing in such amazingly warm water in perfect weather, but don’t be. It was freaking HOT! The water felt great, but the sun was intense. We had to do our swimming/sunbathing in shifts while reapplying sunscreen in between. I mean, yes, it was still heavenly, but I’m trying to lessen the blow of how great it was just a bit.

After we got out of the pool, we spent more time taking pictures… mostly because that is what we do. If you put Lola and I in a room together, we will eventually start clicking away on one of our cameras.

That evening, Heidi made an amazing stir fry. After dinner and a lot of re-hydration, we were taken to the mega church that Heidi’s dad and step-mom go to. It was huge and uncomfortable to me. I can appreciate what they are doing, but I don’t think it is a place that I could ever find a home. It felt commercial and foreign and made me want the tiny little church where I grew up.

After a healthy dose of church, we hit the strip. (You know, maybe that was the plan all along! Maybe they were trying to keep us on the straight and narrow by giving us church guilt before we went out to party.) Anyhow, we made a quick stop at the Las Vegas sign to get a couple of pictures and then headed down Las Vegas Blvd. toward the Venetian where we were going to start our evening. It took us getting out of the elevator and walking down a hall before a drunken guy started yelling at us to come do jello shots with him. We kept walking. The minute we left the first hotel, we were asked by a couple more guys where we were going to party. We kept walking. Seriously, neither of us are very good at that sort of thing. Talking to strange drunk guys, that is. But we still had fun… and took more pictures.

Toward the end of our very long, super fun, sweltering, but amazing evening we ended up at New York, New York and found Coyote Ugly. We, of course, had to go. They were doing free shots for ladies who would dance on the bar. You would never catch me dead doing such a thing, but there was a bachelorette party that jumped up and seemed to have a great time. We needed a picture of us at such a landmark, and so we took one.

The night was long, and we were out late, and we had to get up for a REALLY early flight. After the first leg of our trip, we had a layover in Salt Lake. The airport was boring and we were cranky and tired, so we took naps. After we woke up, we complained a bit about how long our layover was on Twitter and Facebook, and then we eventually got to board. The flight between Salt Lake City and Boise is ridiculously short and somehow we were even way ahead of schedule. It made for a nice last leg of our trip.


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