mommy needs a hobby…

I meant to get up the second part of my Vegas trip before I blogged anything else, but I didn’t. So, I will edit pictures and do that later, but right now I am going to blog about other things.

Today I realized, once again, how badly I need to find myself a good hobby. Somehow I managed to get up before my kids and shower. I also did a good chunk of the other things I usually do when they nap. So, when they went to sleep, I had nothing to do. The WoW servers were (and still are) down for maintenance, and so there was no death knight leveling on the agenda. What the heck am I supposed to do with myself in such situations? I watched the season premier of The Guild and episode three of The Legend of Neil (both very good by the way) and then I randomly clicked through youtube videos for a while… But now, I am bored.

I need to finish the story line I am on for the comic. I also need to stop trying to write them ahead of time. I had one all worked out a few weeks back, but now it just isn’t going to work. At least not anytime soon. I’m enjoying Lola too much and she isn’t really involved in the one I already wrote. I need to get the script for Thursday finished, like now, but I am just tripping over the punchline. It’s so frustrating!

The new Professor Layton game is out for the DS and I need it (okay, just want it). If I had that, I would have wonderful puzzles to baffle my brain for hours and hours and it would be fantastic! I start working at the church again next week, and I’m hoping to use some of that paycheck to get the game. But, I’m also hoping that maybe I can get it now and just put my paycheck in the bank later when I get it.

Okay, I think that’s enough of my rant. I need to get some food soon and so I am going to go dig through the fridge. I let Jenna “make” my lunch which means I had apple juice and a yogurt. Both were very tasty, but not very filling. I need carbs. Yummmmm….


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