what happens in vegas… (aka: Lola and Tina take a trip)

Lola and I got into Las Vegas yesterday evening. We had been bored on a plane for hours, and were starving, so our first stop was In-N-Out. It was yummy.

After we got done eating, we drove to Heidi’s dad’s house and got settled in. Then we decided it was time for a late night swim… it was pretty much fantastic. After we got out of the pool/spa, we had some “ice cream” and then it was bed time.

Today we got up late and lounged around the pool.

After we finally got ready, we went to Starbucks for some much needed caffeine, and then we were off to the mall (but really just H&M). Most people blow all their money gambling on the strip, but our money never made it there…

After we got done shopping, we went back to the house to change and get ready for the Bellagio and O. Both of these things, I was very excited for. The Bellagio has been beckoning to me for quite some time, and I was pretty eager to finally go meet it and let it know how much I had been wanting to get acquainted. It was definitely worth the wait.

Inside, O was amazing. We had terrific seats! Literally, there are not words that could describe just how great it was. The theater was breathtaking and the show had me completely enraptured throughout.

Outside, the strip was humming. I love how cities can be so alive! The fountain show was exactly how I had imagined it, complete with the perfect song.

Tomorrow we are heading back down to the strip to do some more exploring… That is, after we get up late, spend some time in the pool, and get ourselves ready.


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