hmm… yummy.

Can I come over
and hold you for a while?
If you would:
whisper to me in the dark,
and teach my how to smile again.
Please tell me that you don’t love me.
That is not what I am looking for.
There was a time
that it would have been nice,
but not all stories
should end the way of ever after.
What about the night is sacred?
Why do people worship it so?
I was falling and you caught me,
but it was not the right thing,
the best thing,
the only thing.
There could have been a better way.
Someone is yelling truth in my ear,
and I am begging for you to lie.
Tell me your secrets
and listen to mine…
Let me be a little more than average.
Run your fingers
down my spine again
and show me how wonderful
it is to be worshiped like the night.
Make it better than it should be.
You could hold me, and I would not mind.
There are some things
I am willing to give up for something as great
as your arms around me.
It is all nonsense and imagined,
but I want it.
Just a taste for a bit,
and then I will let you be.
Just a taste of the darkness,
and of secrets,
and of the night.


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