just a little diddy that hit me the other night…

Could you open the sky for me and let the rain fall?
Just let me be washed in the cool downpour.
My soul is weary.
My feet are tired.
There was a time that I believed in promises,
but then life happened.
It came on slowly,
creeping up on me like fog rolling over the hills.
Winding into my heart, choking out the life.
The sun is warm and lovely,
but I cannot feel it today.
What the hell gives you the right to torture me?
I lived for you.
I gave everything to you.
Crying and running I fell into your lap,
and you patted my head and sent me back.
How cruel can one mistress be?
How unfeeling?
You held my hand for a little while,
and now you turn me out into the street.
Just leave me then.
Just let me go,
release the right you have to me
and allow me to run into the night screaming.
It would feel good to taste freedom.
It would feel good to taste the rain.


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