a matter of theft…

If you aren’t using it anymore, do you mind if I have your soul? I mean, it is just sitting there and growing dusty. If you are going to pretend it doesn’t exist, maybe I could find a good use for it. the world just does not need more people that spend their lives falling through cracks and slipping into nothing. There is no use for the crack people and their mind games. They have a whole civilization that nobody dares to speak of. If the words are spoken and the truth comes out we cease to exist and they win. But as long as you are still teetering between darkness and light and deciding if you will crossover or stay put, could you please just give me a minute? I’m not telling you which side to choose. I have no interest in either. My neutrality will ultimately win me a spot in the nothingness of purgatory and that is okay with me. As long as I can live a not miserable life and die a not miserable death I am okay with living in the grey area. However, if you will not give me what I want, I might have to change my mind and just take it. You won’t miss it. You aren’t using it anyway.


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