some might call it poetry… maybe…

I’ve been writing a lot of other stuff lately on my other stuff blog. I would like to invite you to read it, but I also want to warn you that if you do read it you should not try to apply it to my life or read anything into it. I love to write and it just comes out however it does… That being said, here is the link. (edit: yep… that blog doesn’t exist anymore. If you want to read them click on the Poetry category on this blog)

We have been so busy lately and I feel like I haven’t had time for breathing. However, I must be breathing regularly because I have not caught myself passing out in random places.

This weekend one of my roommates from college is getting married. I am so excited to drive over and see it! I’m so happy for her.

I am determined to figure out a time to do pictures with Heidi. We both have ideas we want to try. IT WILL HAPPEN! And speaking of Heidi… she has a new photoblog! I, personally, love looking at her pictures. She took my wedding pictures and now she takes all of our family and kid pictures. Anyhow, she just started it and I hope you enjoy the pictures she has up.


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