hello June…

New months always make me a little mad. It stinks to have something end and to have something new start by sitting down and paying bills. Bills, are not fun.

This month I actually have something to look forward to. Sure, I still have to take time to give my money out to all of the people demanding it, but I also have a comic to premiere! In 14 hours and 24 minutes it will be online. It’s a little hard to believe that something that I have been working towards for several months is happening. To be truthful, I wasn’t sure it would. I figured that Rhett and I would talk about it a few times and that we wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. However, we did. In my opinion it is good, but most importantly I like it and am proud of it. Rhett did a good job drawing my scripts and story boarded stick figures. Our ideas work well together…

I really hope you guys enjoy it.

Visit my newest baby tonight if you want; it will be up at midnight. Also, feel free to toss your feedback to the e-mail addresses on the “Creators” page or to our facebook page.


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