this is the plan kids…

A shot and a half later:
Falling faster than she could have choked.
She dove into the ocean,
Hoping for the the best, hoping to float.

It was harder than she could have imagined
To survive on her own.
The siren song had been sweeter
Than her soul had tried to know.

Down, down into the water:
Pulling her faster than the speed of light.
Faster, faster into oblivion:
The tug was more powerful than her will to fight.

The voice sang to her sweetly,
Wrapping her in comfort and lullabies.
The wounds were cut so deeply,
Forever written in her heart the lies.

How could it be possible to forget the life she left?
The life she had wanted,
How could she break out from this?
So broken, emotionally stunted.

Do not run, it is not worth the pain.
Just give in and let it take over,
Someday the puzzle will make sense.
No fighting once fate takes you under its cover.

Was there a reason to think this would go well?
One and a half shots to drown:
Cutting deeper to let out the pain,
The surgeon rearranges the etched in frown.

Rabbit holes and party lights;
Give in to the good life ahead.
Diving deeper, drowning sorrow;
Get rid of the sleeping soul left for dead.

Stop with the crying!
Sleep will not help this fright.
Have faith in the fact that you are powerful,
They cower at the sight.

Time to take over.
Rip your fate from the hands of gods.
Wonder, ceaseless, everywhere:
The voices break out in applause.


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