smoothies make everything seem like a sandcastle paradise…

“Oh no!” She cried running quickly away from the boulder. It had looked at her in a shady manner and her heart had immediately taken flight and headed in the direction of Milwaukee. Her heart had a tendency to betray her like that, however, this was not as ghastly as the constant mutiny of her feet. She really could not keep life straight anymore. Between the constant glares from the inanimate objects and the snickers coming from under her rug, she knew that eventually she would go mad. Still running she took a turn into a dark and mysterious wood. Something beckoned her in and she realized that what she really wanted was a berry smoothie. A smoothie! That was it! A sweet berry smoothie would solve all of her problems. She hurried through the wood toward a light. The light happened to be a Jamba Juice. What luck! A berry smoothie in hand she leaped into the air and grabbed a hold of the legs of a passing seagull. It was, in fact, disgruntled by her intrusion, but it decided to take her to the beach anyway. After being gently lowered to the ground by the bird, she made a quick sandcastle. She fashioned it quite nicely and decided it would be her new home. Placing a welcome mat made from seaweed in front of the door she went inside and took a nap.


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