this started as a tweet…

I’m feeling a bit growly at the moment. Sorry about that chaps and such, it’s just the way it is. I really feel little ambition within my psyche to make any sort of change. There is nothing anyone can do to convince me that it would be better for me to take my inner polar bear (okay, maybe small black bear cub at best) and cage her or even give her a snack to sate her hunger. No, it is going to be this way.
Sometimes my anger builds. Well, you cannot really call it anger. It is more mild irritation with a side of miffed. For the most part, I avoid strong emotions. (That was just a slight pause for worthy digression.)
In reality, my life is not complicated enough for me to become angered. However, my life is just boring enough for me to become complacent and then agitated when something changes. Agitated. That is a good word for it. Like a puppy trying to get away from the two year old bent on pulling its tail. Poor puppy. It will never get away. Eventually the two year old will grow and evolve and develop a way to attack. Rawr.
For now, I remain like a goldfish aware of the kitty staring longingly in at me licking her lips and planning out her mid-day snack: “The fins first or the whole thing in one gulp? Shall I cook it and take time to savor the delicacy, or shall I simply snap it up in my jaws and relish the squirming as it glides down my throat? Seasoning? Perhaps just a little more torture; yes, torture will make it more tender and quite tasty in the end.”
The sigh of contentment can quickly turn into a moan of distaste when you realize that what you were enjoying has been turned into a catalyst for torture. Oh, but the jacuzzi felt good. It felt wonderful until I realized it was not a jacuzzi at all but, in fact, a pot of water set to slowly boil upon the stove. Drat! Foiled again at my own game. Is there any way to learn from such a ghastly misstep?


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