don’t judge me…

This past weekend I packed up in the car with several good friends and drove to Portland for a guildie’s wedding. It was awesome. You can think what you want about my obsessive online game play or the fact that I actually know the people I play with well enough to drive six hours to one of their weddings: I really do not care (at least not much). It was fun! And, really, it was good for me. I have been spending a lot of time in a hole and that is not healthy. This stretched me. I was able to socialize with people that I knew at varying levels without having (much of) a panic attack. Go me! I even survived a hug or two. I’m proud of me… don’t ruin it.

It was a beautiful weekend to go on a road trip. The weather was perfect for rolling down the windows and soaking in the fresh air and sunshine. I think I need to get out more often.

It was strange to leave the kids and not be able to visit them for an entire weekend. I had an iPod full of pictures to help sate my desire for contact with them, and it really did help. However, when we got home, I was extremely glad for the hugs and snuggles I got from both of them. I didn’t even mind reading Jenna the stack of 10ish books she brought to me and insisted that I read. Leaving my kids was tough, but I think it was a good thing. The break reminded me how blessed I am to spend every day loving on them.


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