i see trees of green… (kind of)…

It is time for new contacts. In a few hours I have an eye appointment. It is interesting to me how much I look forward to and dread having my eyes checked all at the same time. Yes, new contacts mean I get to stop wearing the pair I have been wearing for three months, however, I also have to hear that my eyes have, once again, gotten worse. I am definitely excited to get some new glasses. It has been almost four years since my last pair and my prescription has changed 3 times since then. Needless to say, they do little to no good and I am nearly blind while wearing them.

Tomorrow is Thursday which means that I am meeting with Rhett about Bus Stop. There are several ideas camping in my brain that I need to get onto paper before then.

My book is feeling abandoned. Josh was worried about that… I suppose it was rightfully so. He is working late every night this week and so my book will probably stay abandoned until next week. Maybe I’ll get to the coffee shop early tomorrow and work on it then. She wants some attention and, quite frankly, I miss her. We were getting along so well, and I suppose it would be good to keep our relationship functional. It would be sad to let her waste away in my head and heart and not to let her express herself fully.


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