so cold… must find heater…

Small black scraps of fabric grant confidence through the shameless promotions and mass marketing of stereotypes. For me, I take whatever confidence I can get.

If there was a word for the feeling of waking up rejuvenated but not wanting to get out of bed because you went to bed wearing too little and now you realize your mistake because the house is freezing, it would be: confounditalldamnitareyoukiddingme-howcanahousebesofreakingindecisive.

Ode to Charlie

Charlie, Charlie, I adore thee!
Although you shed and drive me nuts.
You are warm and very cuddly,
And you lay upon my lap.

Today I enjoy the cloud cover and try to remind myself that soon I will be sweltering in the heat of mid August and whining about how dreadful it is. Soon, I will go on and on about missing the bite of the fall air and the cool, peaceful winter. Although currently freezing in my poorly insulated abode, it will not be long until I stare longingly into the past and future and beg for the cool mornings to come be a welcome reprieve from the long, hot days of an endless summer.


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