pumping narcotics into my veins and waiting for hallucinations

Today, I am high. I spent yesterday evening high, went to bed high, woke up high, and am still high. It has been too long, and it is beautiful. There is a haze in the air swirling with sensations and colors that I can only experience when I am outside my body and floating past chaos and into bliss.

This is the only way it can be explained. Arms scared with invisible track marks that are a thing of beauty. Soothing my soul with words that only my heart knows and singing sweet somethings and nothings into my head.

Chaos needs put in it’s place. It needs to me placed in time out a minute for every year of it s life. Since Chaos was born in the beginning it should be in the corner until the end. Put a ban on Chaos. Marches should be arranged, banners painted, slogans blared over loud speakers.

For me, this is all I need. There is a missing puzzle piece that everyone finds to complete the picture of who they are supposed to be and what destiny they are supposed to fulfill. Success is not the correct measure of completeness, happiness is. Euphoria is. Looking around and realizing you are in the right place at the right time for once and that everything is as it should be.

My puzzle piece is in my pocket. My perfect drug is in my system. The world is not prepared for what that means…


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