death, or something like it…

Dying as defined by Miriam Webster
: to pass from physical life: expire
2: a
: to pass out of existence: cease
b: to disappear or subside gradually —often used with away, down, or out

Dying as defined by
1: ceasing to live; approaching death; expiring
2: of, pertaining to, or associated with death
given, uttered, or manifested just before death
4: drawing to a close; ending
5: the act or process of ceasing to live, ending, or drawing to a close

I didn’t write this for any reason other than that I thought the definitions were interesting… especially when one thinks about all of the situations in which you use the word death. Examples? The literal death of someone. The death of a way of life. The death of ones childhood. The death of old, harmful memories. We put things to death every day in our lives.

Call me morbid, but as I was reading these a few actually struck me as funny…


I’m only going to say this once on this blog. If I have actual problems that should be dealt with in ways other than blogging them, I promise, I will. Don’t take this too seriously! If you all really know me, as most of you do, then you know that I am a thinker, a brooder, a deep soul lost in a shallow world. I say things to make people think. Rarely am I actually feeling the emotion portrayed within the words I use. Think about it for a while. Just because I sound happy, does not mean that I am. However, this also means that depressing posts do not mean that I’m depressed and that blogs talking about death do not mean that I’m dying. Chillax my friends. I write to write, and I enjoy it. I speak truth here, but I also explore and contemplate. You’ll just have to take that for what it is. Love to my fans! Peace out…


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