why snow is the bestest…

Why snow is the bestest: A five point list.
By: Me

1. It is pretty and white. It makes the ground pretty and white and the trees pretty and white and the houses pretty and white and so on.

2. When it snows, it helps the Idaho economy. The ski resorts need the snow to run and they contribute a good deal to the tourist draw and out of state money coming into our state. Also, a good snow year means good run off which means enough water for crops the next spring and summer. This, in turn, means more money for our great state.

3. Kids like snow. Jenna is a kid. Therefore, Jenna likes snow. Snow keeps Jenna occupied and that gives me more time to concentrate on keeping my sanity.

4. Snow makes me happy… inversions make me sad. When it is snowing, there isn’t an inversion.

5. Snow is cold and wet. Rain is cold and wet. Snow is pretty. Rain is cold and wet. Snow is better than rain. At least in the winter. Spring rain is ok.



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