plot, pause, plot, pause…

Plot: She seems to be stuck. I’m not sure what happened, but her story is currently at an impasse. No matter which way she turns, there is only one end. Unfortunately I am nowhere close to wanting to end her story and the end in sight is not what I had in mind for her. Not only that, but said end does not fit well with the rest of who or what she is. Drat. Blast!

Pause: Jenna went down for a nap today without a fuss. She said, “Jenna nap now please.” Then she got up grabbed Lumpy and Braffe and walked herself into her bedroom where she said, “Mommy, Jenna bed now. Blankets please. Night. Bye!” Not only is this an impressively long progression of words from my not quite two year old daughter, but she went willingly into bed! No fit, no screaming, no mommy guilt. What a great day!

Plot: What happens when you get caught in a lie? Not a little lie, but a huge, terrible, awful lie. Do you suffer consequences? Or do you just get away with it? What happens to someone who comes from an intensely moral place and ends up somewhere entirely different? Do they feel guilt? Does life within the plot mimic life without? If that is the case, everyone gets away with everything without any sort of repercussions. Of course she lives outside of the normal realm, but what about those around her? Life gets complicated when you are trying to keep two separate realities from colliding. At least for me. Maybe for her? Maybe life imitates art more than art imitates life. Drat. Blast! A pox on fictional obsessions…

Pause: Cole makes me laugh. Today he spit up everywhere. He started to laugh, but then his hand landed in the mess. His eyes got wide and he started to scream. Yes, scream! You would have thought that someone had pinched him. I cleaned him up, and he went back to cooing and giggling. He must be my kid after all.


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