a moment of clarity…

Realizing that I could not stay mad forever, I walked off towards something that appeared to be a giant pear plopped in the middle of the road. The appearance of the pear, was not the strangest thing I had seen all day. The strangest thing I had seen had been the cow sitting and drinking tea with the goldfish. For one reason or another, I could not take my eyes from the tea. Then I realized it was because the entire ocean had been somehow contained in that one small cup. Running off into the foggy meadow, I pondered what it would be like to throw the goldfish out of its bowl and into the tea ocean of the cow’s cup. Could fish even swim in tea? Perhaps they are much to dense. For now it seems that I am stuck in the madness of the rabbit hole. However, someday I hope to pop my head out and into another more lucid reality. Until that day my time shall be passed avoiding pears and trying not to become too angry at the reflections in the stream or at the annoying squirrels chattering away from their perches in the clouds. Tomorrow will, after all, be another day.


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