how she says i love you…

Yesterday I was sick. I woke up with a headache and quickly realized that it was much worse than that. After being very thankful that I had just cleaned the bathroom, I got Jenna up, changed her, and carried her back to my bed with a bag of toys. I looked into her still sleepy eyes and told her very seriously that mommy was not feeling well and that she needed to rest. I asked her to play quietly on my bed and I turned on cartoons for her. I expected a fight. I expected my energetic daughter to bounce around and make a bunch of noise. She didn’t. She grabbed a stuffed animal and a book out of the bag and sat next to me. She cuddled into me and watched cartoons, and every now and then she would look at me and pat me gently. She even got me tissues to wipe my nose (even though I didn’t need them) because that is what you need when you are sick. My daughter is perceptive and sweet. I am so thankful for such a wonderful kid!


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