april 11, 2006

I wrote this a couple of years ago…

I’m going to post another blog tonight as well…

Stick with me on this one… it’s kind of interesting.


The truth is: I’m not static. I change. I adapt. I make do. I live up to what people think about me more than I should. However, I believe what I believe and I have had the same basic views for most of my life. I let life teach me what it wants to, and I adjust to those lessons.
The truth is:

My greatest desire is to publish a book

I get jealous of fish and people who know how to swim

I want to live in Europe

I want to learn Latin

I want to own my own tent

I feel most secure when I’m not at home

Robert Frost’s poetry makes my heart skip a beat

My dreams are all I have

Music is more soothing to me than almost anything else

I like to light candles and do yoga to calm down

If I could get away with it I wouldn’t eat… I don’t like food

Dusk is better than dawn

I could sit outside and look at the stars from the time the first one shows up until the last one disappears night after night after night

I like my body, but I hate the fact that I cant say that without sounding conceited

I think I have a great ass

My eyes are the bluest after I cry

I can cook

I can sing

I lack the confidence to do many things that I desire to do

My greatest weakness is fear

I’m still scared of the dark

I like to jump in puddles

I love to frolic in the rain

Dessert is my vice

I play video games

There is nothing that says I like you like a massage

There is only one time that I haven’t acted on an urge to make the first move

Winning my heart is the easiest thing anyone could ever do, however, I make it seem hard to protect myself

I feel too much

My friends are more important to me than anything else

I crumble under pressure

I cry myself to sleep more than I should because I take everything so personally

I’m the black sheep

I have more caffeine in my system than any other substance

I like tequila and beer (and soon I can like them legally)


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