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1. When I read a book, it is almost like a drug to me. I can’t put it down for very long, and I will give up things that my body needs (like eating and sleeping) in order to get more…

2. I have a very vivid imagination that, if I am not careful, can get in the way of living my real life.

3. Water that goes above my shoulders terrifies me.

4. If I could do anything without having to worry about consequences it would be to get several piercings and a couple of tattoos.

6. If there was one thing that I wished that I had more time for it would be to write.

7. I love driving into the middle of nowhere (but only if I’m not alone… because I don’t really like to be alone) just to take in life. For example: driving up to a hilltop to watch the sunset, going into the forest to watch the way the rain falls through the trees, or finding an empty beach to watch the waves crash against.

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