mixed emotions… not really sure how to feel…

Today we had our ultrasound to find out how big the baby in my tummy is getting. Ready for this? It is already 8lbs. 2oz. Crazy huh? If we wait until the due date to have the baby, it will most likely be over 9lbs (bigger than Jenna). Our doctor is out of town for another week and a half and so we saw another doctor today. I saw her a few times when I was pregnant with Jenna, and she is really nice. I definitely prefer my doctor, but she did a very good job of listening to our concerns and helping us come up with a plan. So, what’s the plan? I was hoping we would be able to induce, but apparently I am not in a position that that could happen this week. If we wait until next week, the baby will likely be almost 9lbs. anyway. We could just wait to see what happened if I went into labor naturally, but my doctor seemed pretty convinced that there was no way I could have another 9lb. baby. Instead of waiting to see what happens, we have decided to schedule a C-section. I was concerned about the risk of laboring and then having to have an emergency C-section and so Josh and I decided that it might be a better idea just to schedule one for next week and avoid that possibility. I’m really sad that I won’t have my doctor, but I just really felt like this was our only option right now. I suppose it is still possible that I will go into labor before that, and if it happens it happens. However, it is nice to know a plan and to have things all worked out in my head. I’m glad to eliminate some of the what ifs that were out there still.

On a positive note, we had a really cool 3D ultrasound today. Click here if you’d like to take a look.


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