little things that make a big difference…

Today was a really good day.

1: We put up a closet rod in a space in our room that was unused. We cleaned our room and ran loads and loads of laundry… then we sorted what was left. We also moved some dressers around to make more clothes room for the new baby in the the nursery and room for a bassinet in our room.

2: I packed Jenna’s suit case so she is all ready to go when it is time.

3: I went shopping with my mom and she bought some cute little outfits for the new baby. She bought pink and blue so that I would be prepared no matter what.

4: I got a VERY surprising gift from my sister. She had been refusing to get the baby anything since she didn’t know the sex, but a couple of days ago she got us little diapers and then today she showed up with some super cute unisex onesies, a sleeper, and a swaddler.

5: Because of the generous gifts from my mom and my sis I could pack a diaper bag for the new baby to take to the hospital!

6: My mom and I went looking at bassinets and we should be getting one tomorrow!

7: I found out that Pete and Kerri are getting us a car seat. (who knows how long Josh has known this, but I was just told today.)

8: Cailin is coming tomorrow! YAY!

It is amazing how a few little things can all stack up to make for one amazing day. It was definitely amazing, but definitely exhausting as well… So now I’m going to go relax for a while and then I am going to sleep… hopefully… ;)

Oh! And just for kicks and giggles… Last night I had a dream that we had our ultrasound on Thursday and that I am currently pregnant with a female rainbow trout… yup. lol


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