I hate iron…

Another doctor’s appointment down… only like four more to go! I’m down to weekly appointments now. I’m so excited to be done with this!

Today they did a follow up on my iron levels. I flunked… again… The nurse practitioner was worried and sent me straight over to the hospital to have some more tests done. After having more blood drawn I came home. Now I’m waiting for results. The NP told me that she wasn’t sure how I was walking around or able to drive without being terribly dizzy. I guess that my levels of iron were even lower than when they put me on the supplements. I’m not sure how in the world that is possible, but apparently it is. I’m frustrated and tired and I could use a lot of prayer.

I’ll let everyone know how my test results come back as soon as I know. I’m so irritated at my body! I’m going to try to go convince it that it likes to eat iron now…


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