Because I’m mad at the Subway girl.

I really wasn’t planning on blogging tonight because I felt like my post on my other blog was sufficient for the day. However, then I went to Subway for dinner. I officially have a grudge against the Subway on 12th. Here’s what happened:

Josh, Jenna, and I went out with Pete and Kerri for dinner. I was telling one girl what I wanted on my sandwich and Kerri was ordering Jenna’s. I became distracted by a sign talking about the tomato recall and so when Kerri asked if I wanted anything on Jenna’s sandwich I said that she probably didn’t need anything else. Well, apparently the gal making her sandwich had asked about cheese because she looked at me and said, “American is probably what you have in your fridge. You know, the orange kind.” Are you kidding me? Seriously? Holy crap! Anyhow, I was slightly stunned and I told her that we wanted cheddar. She told me that they only had shredded cheddar and that it would be messy. So, I now had a teenager that assumed I knew nothing about cheese and that I was incapable of deciding if my daughter could handle shredded cheese. I told her just to do provolone. I was fairly stunned that some random kid working at a Subway would have the gall to talk to a customer the way she did. Man, she apparently has zero tact, or bigger balls than I… I didn’t know what else to do and so I went and sat down and told Josh what had occurred; he was pretty shocked as well.


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