Craving a trip to WalMart?

The last couple of days I have literally been craving everything that I see that is food. A burger commercial comes on: I want a burger. We drive by a Chinese restaurant: I must have fried rice now! It is crazy because I have been pretty good all pregnancy. I haven’t had many cravings. Even with Jenna I was never really the stereotypical, “Go to the store now and buy me ice cream and pickles… NOW!” kind of pregnant woman.

Tonight, the cravings got the best of me. At eleven tonight I decided to go to WalMart to get food, but Jenna was already in bed and so Josh couldn’t come with me. So, I called Jennie and asked her if she could come with me and off we went. Once we got there I began going through the store and grabbing anything that sounded good. I ended up with cookie dough ice cream, cheese cracker crisps, rice pudding, cheese sticks, sour cream and onion Pringles, graham crakers and a strawberry yogurt.

The best part of the trip though was the fact that we saw like six other pregnant women in the store with a bunch of random food in their carts.


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