one wedding and a road trip…

This weekend I went to be in Becky Igo’s wedding. I was a little nervous about whether or not I would make it through the weekend being as anemic as I have been and as pregnant as I am getting. However, I had a great time! I tried really hard not to overdue things and to rest when I needed to (even when I didn’t want to). There were only a couple of times where I felt like the huge pregnant lady (one of these times being during the reception where we, the wedding party, were forced to do the Chicken Dance). The wedding was beautiful and I definitely approve of Becky’s choice of husband. Kyle is a really great and really sweet guy and he seems like a lot of fun as well. The reception was great fun. There was a lot of good food, dancing and music. Everyone was having a wonderful time.

After the wedding we went to the beach for a little while to introduce Jenna to the Oregon coast. It was so much fun! At first Jenna reacted to the sand the same way that she reacted to grass. She was so scared of it! However, after some coaxing, she seems to have moved past that fear. We got some great pictures and had a good time. The weather was amazing and we felt really lucky to somehow make it to the coast on a warm day with no wind or rain. It was fantastic!

Today we drove back to Idaho. It was a little bitter sweet because we wanted to come home, but the weather on the coast was way better than it has been here. On the way we stopped to introduce Pete and Kerri to Ikea in Portland. That store makes me wish that I had a big house to decorate and a lot of money. We also stopped off at Multonmah Falls. It is one of my favorite places and I wanted to introduce it Jenna. I still remember the first time that I remember seeing it. I was with my mom, Jennie, Karen, Cailin and my grandma Irene. I can’t help but think about Grandma and Karen every time I go there now. For some reason it has become a kind of living memorial to them in my head.

It was a great trip, but I am ultimately glad to be home. Our puppy must have missed us like crazy because she has been so clingy ever since we got home. I think she was ready for us to get back too (even though Jennie took amazing care of her I’m sure). I’m excited to go to bed now… in my own bed… one that is a king… one that is NOT a double… one where I don’t have to touch my husband unless I want to! YAY! He has his own side and so do I… sleep is going to be a lot better tonight. Heehee.


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