Babies are being born all around me! A good chunk of the people I knew that were having babies have been having them the last few weeks or they will be having them in the next couple. This is making me very impatient. The little baby in my stomach is getting bigger and more active, and I only have a couple of months left. MONTHS! That is such a long period of time. I’ve been reading pregnancy books and looking at Jenna’s baby pictures and driving myself crazy!

I’ve been reading Jenny McCarthy’s book Belly Laughs. Although I can’t say I recommend it to everyone, it is really funny. If you don’t mind things getting a little crude and a little language and you have ever had or are going to have a baby… then you should read it. Jenny does a really good job of speaking frankly and saying exactly what I’m sure a lot of pregnant gals out there are thinking. For passive aggressive me, her chapter, “Hands off, Dude! (Strangers Touching Your Belly)” said exactly what I wish I could say. Since I enjoyed it so much, I’m going to share. If any of you want to find this story after you buy your copy… heehee… it is on pg. 75.

“It would be great if we lived in a world where strangers weren’t so strange. In civilized society, people don’t just come up to you and touch your stomach. If they did, you might have them arrested! So why do people think it’s okay to come up to pregnant women and pet their bellies?
Now, I know most people mean well, but I would imagine that you’ll feel as protective of your belly as I did mine. And as a general rule, I think they should all ASK FIRST, don’t you agree? I remember a couple of times when I was wearing a tank top that showed a bit of my bare belly, and total strangers (once a completely greasy guy) would think that the exposed skin was okay to touch. No, off limits! Back off. The people who touched me are just lucky I didn’t bite their hands off like a guard dog. Woof! Woof! Stay away.”

Heehee… It’s great!

Okay, I suppose talking about babies an my belly is not going to make me any less impatient. So, I suppose I should stop now and save you all from having to hear anymore. I am just getting so tired of waiting! And I still have so long to go…


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