someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo…

Today we took Jenna to the zoo. We went with some friends from church and their kids. Even though Jenna was a little tired and cranky, it was still fun. The animals were almost all out and playing and Jenna and the other kids loved to look at them. When we went to the penguins, Jenna watched them swim around and would point and say, “Ish, ish!” How do you explain to a 16 month old that something swimming around in the water is, in fact, not a fish? Although seeing my baby look at animals was great, it was also so fun to see the other kids! They aren’t too much older than Jenna, but the are old enough that it is like looking into the future of our kiddo. It was also fun to hang out with some other moms for a day. Josh was a good sport and came along. He is the greatest husband! It would have been fun without him too, but it wouldn’t have been the same taking Jenna to the zoo for the first time without him.


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