psycho doctor from planet Grrrr….

So, today I finally gave in and went to the doctor about my cold. Having had approximately 2 sinus infections a year since I was seven, I was pretty sure that my basic little virus had morphed into one. Also, I was just getting sick of being too sick to function. Anyhow, I went to the Mercy North quick care as recommended by my OBGYN and waited miserably, yet quietly, for a half an hour. After telling the receptionist and the nurse that I was 22 weeks pregnant (go me! over half way there!) I figured the doctor would already know. However, after waiting for another miserable 15 minutes, the man came in and asked, “So, are you breastfeeding or pregnant?” Grr! Stupid health care system for the masses! I replied once again that I was in fact 22 weeks pregnant. The psycho doctor then asked me if I had been taking anything for my cold. I told him that I had been taking Tylenol for the fever. I then got the most bizarre lecture of my life. Crazy guy then went on to tell me that I should not be taking anything period while I was pregnant. He said that he would not give me a prescription because he felt that he would not allow his wife to take anything while she was pregnant, so he shouldn’t put other women at risk either. He then said, “Wouldn’t you feel terrible if the baby was born with a defect and you could never be sure if it was your selfish use of drugs while you were pregnant?” Come on dude! It’s not like I’m asking for a prescription for Cocaine! He then went on to read from his little drug book about what it said about pregnant women and the drug Amoxicillin. The book said, and I quote, “There are no known or confirmed side effects in animals or humans.” Then he said, “Now, it doesn’t say, ‘Go ahead and take it!’ now does it?” No psycho, it doesn’t, but I am miserable and I need to get better! I told him I had been fighting this off for about a month and the fever had concerned me, but so did the green and bloody discharge coming out of my sinuses. He still refused me a prescription, so I convinced him to call my OBGYN and ask permission. About 20 minutes later I got a call saying that I was getting my drugs. As for psycho doctor? He’s being reported… Grr!


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