"i’ve seen better days, i’ve been the star of many plays" -Citizen King…

I feel like I look old. Wait, scratch that, I feel old. I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and saw huge bags under my eyes. Wow… bags. Really? Josh and I have been watching Coupling (great British comedy) and there is a character that is obsessed with aging. I think I just turned into her. I’m getting wrinkles. Wrinkles! And not only that, but I feel the weather change. My joints crack, my knuckles pop, my hands ache, my memory is giving out, and my face is getting saggy and wrinkled. Ugh. What am I going to look like in ten years? Probably like a raisin. Did I mention that Jenna is almost one? I have an almost one year old. I’m ancient. “Older than dirt.” I’ve joined the ranks of the aged. And if it hadn’t been for those stupid bags under my eyes I never would have realized it… *sigh*


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