and then the bicuspid said to the incisor…

I went to the dentist yesterday. I have to admit that I was scared out of my mind about what he would say. In fact, I was pretty sure that it was going to be along the lines of, “It’s been so long since you’ve been to the dentist that I’m just going to pull all of your teeth because you don’t deserve them!” Fortunately for me, Dr. Mike didn’t say that at all. He did, however, use the words “maybe” and “root-canal” in the same sentence. This of course sent me crying into the parking lot ruing all things to do with teeth. It was then that I realized that I wanted steak and that in order to eat steak I needed molars and that in order to have molars I might need a root-canal which made the root-canal seem not so bad. I was really being worried about nothing though because I had forgotten the first word that he said during my dwelling on the second. I only needed the dreaded procedure if my tooth began to hurt… and it hasn’t yet! Woohoo! I also got a brand new mostly fake tooth out of the deal since a good share of my original one had rotted away due to some previous shoddy dentistry (meaning a filling that was put in before the whole cavity was removed) and a mostly fake tooth is pretty close to being bionic (give or take a few things like the porcelains and the technological gizmos). All in all I would say the whole thing was a pretty great experience in the end. I give it a seven out of ten.


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