Passive agressive… blah…

Wow, a month has gone by… a whole crazy, stress filled, sometimes completely awful month. I’m not enjoying my job as much this year as I have in the past. I think a lot of it has to do with leaving Jenna at home for eight hours. It is really hard not seeing her all day, but she enjoys her time with her Grandma Lois. Today I had a seventeen year old tell me off like she was sent from God. She totally disrespected me and the way I take care of the kids in my class… in fact, she made me feel like a complete failure and cry. And as I am entirely too passive aggressive I mostly let it go and spent the rest of the day thinking of all the things that I should but will never say to her. It all started because she is too young to actually teach a class by herself and isn’t allowed to go anywhere off site without a teacher 18 or older. Today I was said teacher and she asked where I wanted to go. We decided on the beach and packed up my five three year olds, her seven four year olds, and Josh’s four six to nine year olds. It was a pleasant enough outing to begin with. We all ate lunch and the kids began to get antsy to get in the water. So, after firmly fastening life jackets we sent them off to frolic in the lake. One of my girls, an almost four year old the size of the average two year old, got a little too ambitious and got scared. Her life jacket is designed to cause her to float on her back if she panics, so… floating she was. This other teacher saw her first and went into the water. I didn’t see her until she was being pulled out screaming at the top of her lungs. When I asked what had happened, I was ignored. Then she took Hannah to a bench and said, “Don’t worry, at least I’ll take care of you.” I kept asking what had happened, but after several tries and no responses I went on to take care of my kids. After a quickish trip to the bathroom with my class, I walked up to her and said, “Next time something happens with one of my kids, you need to tell me what is going on instead of ignoring me. It is important that I know what is up with the kids in my class.” She snapped back, “Maybe you should watch them then.” Ouch. “I was bitch!” said my head, “You just jumped in before I could.” Instead I just said, “Please don’t ignore me next time.” As I was walking away trying not to punch her in her snooty little nose she said, “Oh yeah, good. If you want to know, stay and talk… don’t just walk away.” At this point I was crying and wishing I had never come back to McCall. Seriously, I’m twenty-two and have been working in a preschool/daycare setting going into my fifth year now. I have a boss that loves me in Nampa… so what gives this girl the right to disrespect me? I feel old right now… I feel like I should be saying, “Watch yourself you young whipper-snapper… when I was your age, we respected our elders.” *groan*


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