The presentations…

So, yesterday my poetry presentation went pretty well. I usually get sick before something like that, but I didn’t this time. I also didn’t get sick tonight, although I didn’t feel quite as good about it either. Oh well I guess. I decided that since so much of NNU got to hear my poems, I would share them on here. Try to enjoy them… k? :)

You Waited All Night

You waited all night;
sometimes that happens to fools.
The moon rose,
the stars came out,
and still you sat, breathlessly,
like a new corpse
still warm and confused by its death.
Shimmering lights in the valley
hinted at life like a mirage in the desert;
but where you were waiting
the leaves like parchment skin reeked with decay
reminding you, as dawn refused to come,
of your own mortality.


Not knowing the full weight of your actions
you decided to go for a drive.
Resting on the seat to your right
revenge glinted.
Four walls and a door
were his only hope of protection.
In the window you saw him
dancing without a care,
not alone.
Screeching to a halt
you pulled the trigger.
Mark hit or not—
it made no difference,
guilt would be your undoing.
On the news,
had you been watching,
they labeled the shooting random.
No one hurt,
investigation closed,
no further action to be taken.

A Closet Full of Monsters

Life sometimes feels like a tomb.
To you, the grave seemed better
than any alternative.
You knew that you couldn’t handle
the rejection,
the humiliation.
the unknown possibilities hiding
like monsters stuffed awkwardly in closets.
No one cares for a troll,
and that is how you viewed yourself—
your bedroom equated to the
standard bridge.
And there, you saw the closet:
the monsters clamoring for their escape.


You must have hoped it would go quicker.
The building was tall—
the air was cool—
the ledge was slick.
There must have been too much time to think—
too much time to change your mind


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